Safety Facts

Stinger Spike System shouldn’t be used over the school buses, dangerous material carrying vehicles or hostile carrying vehicles since the innocent people may injure.

It is not recommended to be used the road trap system on motorcycles since that may cause to deaths or serious injuries of the fugitive.

The priority is the security of the officers. All the personnel and their vehicles should be in the safe area.


  • The darkness of the air prevents it from examining distances, calculating, and detecting the distance of road lanes. It may even prevent you from detecting the suspicious vehicle. It is not recommended to use emergency lights, siren unless the patrol vehicle is in a strategic position.


  • The safety of all personnel on duty takes priority. Personnel and their vehicles must always be in a safe position and out of the road lanes, away from danger.


  • Positioning the road trap for two-wheeled vehicles is not recommended because it increases the risk of death and injury. It should not be used unless it is verified that the users of such vehicles are legally dangerous and lethal force.


  • The use of wheel extinguishers, such as a road trap, against school vehicles, vehicles carrying dangerous goods and hostage vehicles increases the likelihood of a new danger for passengers.


  • Perforated nails on wheels do not cause the driver to lose control of the steering wheel, tossing the vehicle, to roll over and damage the environment regardless of the speed of the vehicle. However, as the manufacturer cannot guarantee the physical or mental condition of the driver, the road conditions, the condition of the vehicle and wheels, traffic jams or other conditions, users must accept all responsibilities and consequences arising from the use of this product. ( Road Trap Tire Breaker )

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