Stınger Spıke System
Product code : R43MDKG


It is the most effective and safe wheel extinguishing method to disable vehicles that do not comply with the STOP warning for police and military authorities.


The special nails sinking into the vehicle wheels safely discharge the tire air, allowing the vehicle to decelerate and descend onto the rims after 50-100 meters. Stinger Spike System  is designed to safely evacuate the air pressure in the vehicle wheels to force the vehicle to stand at a certain distance. There are 220 nails on the tire detonator. The nails provide a controlled discharge of the air in the tire. 

Road Trap Tire Breaker can be easily laid down by hand and quickly recovered. For this purpose, there is a rope and special winding pulley, which is made of flexible material about 8 meters in length.

The product has a specially designed carrying case for practical transport and safe storage.
The approximate weight of the product is 9.5 to 10 kg. between.
Inside the bag; There is a rope-throwing apparatus, spare material kit (nails,bottom seal, gasket), user manual broshure and usage CD.


Feature Name Troper Metro Defender XL
Length [Meters] 3 5 7 9
Number of Nails 70 120 170 220
Bag Type Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric
Net Weight [Kilogram] 4.5 5.5 6.7 8.4
Number of Replacement Nails 20 30 50 50