Sıgma Road Blocker
Product code : NRW3NR1
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When Speed Bump Trap Compared with Hydraulic and Cork Barrier;

It is physically challenging to reduce the speed of vehicles approaching the road search and control point, especially in urban and intercity roads.
Completely modular, demountable and suitable for surface use. Excavation of Speed Bump Trap  - Construction and Assembly does not require.
Hydraulic, motor, piston does not fail. It does not require maintenance other than lubricating moving parts in 2-3 months. On-site maintenance is very easy.
You can open and close the handles with the remote control at hand.
You can move it to another place when it's done or when it's needed, you can install it or remove it. Therefore; You can use Speed Bump Trap  anywhere you want to change the location / direction.
Hydraulic / Mushroom Costs ¼ price according to barrier.
City electricity, battery, vehicle or solar charging system can be used continuously under any circumstances possible.

Speed Bump Trap  Working Principle;

  Our material mechanical calculations are at 40 km 60 km / h; Pushing the arms forward with its own bumper, it becomes the V-shaped lever point at the place of the Cascage Shutter, which lifts the wheel of the vehicle and truck wheels on the truck and truck class vehicles such as the thinned leaf plate knife at the first point of contact to the vehicle.

Speed Bump Trap  forces the vehicle to rise one meter from the ground in an instant.